Everlasting Daisy Australian Wildflower Earrings

Everlasting Daisy Australian Wildflower Earrings

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Australian Pink Everlasting Daisy wooden arch hoop earrings.

Made in Australia from our original hand painted design, these earrings are printed with eco-friendly inks, onto light weight sustainably grown hoop pine and paired with 18k gold plated stainless steel stud hoops, perfect for sensitive ears!

Rhodanthe chlorocephala, known as the everlasting or paper daisy and kadju in the Noongar language is a delicate, hardy, drought tolerant shrub that mainly grows in the sandy, semi-arid region of southern W.A. It produces beautiful, papery pink or white flowers with yellow centres in late winter and early spring which open in full sun, but close overnight and when raining or over-cast.

The flowers retain their vibrant colour when dried, hence the common name everlasting daisy. Traditionally used for various medicinal purposes and in smoking ceremonies. Symbolise the coming of spring and the renewal of life and are also associated with the heart energy, connecting to the internal sustainable energy source and relating to self and others from this place.

Care Instructions: Do not wear swimming or bathing.

P.S ~ All our packaging is plastic free!